View some of the presentations from the Conference:

Gary Marchant, Center for Law, Science & Innovation,   ASU
Judge Roslyn Silver, U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona
Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, U.S. Supreme Court (ret.)
View video:
Keynote 1: Jeffrey Swanson, Ph.D., Professor in Psychiatry and   Behavioral Sciences, Duke University School of Medicine View slides: Mental Illness, Violence, and Mass Shootings:  On   Finding the Haystack in a Needle
Neuroscience Panel View   video:
Kent A. Kiehl, Executive Science Officer/Director of   Mobile Brain Imaging, The nonprofit Mind Research Network & Professor of   Psychology, Neuroscience and Law, University of New Mexico  View slides: Can Neuroscience Help Understand Risk   For Homicide?
Joshua Buckholtz, Assistant Professor of Psychology Harvard   University  View   slides: Fuzzy Laws, Broken Brains, and Bad Behavior: Big   Problems for Neuroscience and Law (And How to Think About Solving Them)
Keynote 2: Katherine S. Newman, James B. Knapp Dean of the Krieger School   of Arts and Sciences, Johns Hopkins University View   Video:

View slides: Why Terrible Things Happen in Perfect Places: The   Pathways to Rampage Shootings

Challenges in   Clinical Assessment Panel View   Video:
Susan Rushing, Assistant Professor, Department of   Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine View   slides: Mental Illness and the Right to Bear Arms
Joel Dvoskin, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist  View   slides: Can Mental Health Services Prevent Mass Murders?
Law & Policy   Panel View   Video:
Charles Arnold, Certified Estate & Trust Law   Specialist, Certified Fiduciary  Using the   Least Intrusive Legal Proceeding…a Careful Balancing Act
Harold Pollack, Helen Ross Professor at the School of   Social Service Administration, University of Chicago View slides: Mental Health and Public Safety: The Relationship   to Guns and Health Reform
Hank Greely, Deane F. and Kate Edelman Johnson   Professor of Law; Director, Center for Law and the Biosciences; Professor, by   courtesy, of Genetics, Stanford University Ethical,   Legal, and Practical Issues in Predicting and Preventing Crime

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