Wednesday, Dec. 6 – Evening:

Before The Flood film by Fisher Stevens. This film features Leonardo DiCaprio with contributions by many scientists and researchers from around the world, who meet and discuss the reality of climate change in various locations on five continents as they witness climate change firsthand.

Thursday, Dec. 7 – Panels:

1. Climate Overview
2. What is Tribal Cultural Heritage and Why Is It Important?
3. Tribal Cultural Heritage as a Human Right
4. Specific Impacts of Climate Change on Native Lands
5. Protecting Tribal Cultural Heritage in a Post-Paris Conference United States
6. Tribal Leader Panel and Discussion Breakout Sessions – Impacts

Friday, Dec. 8 – Panels:

1. Solutions Unwrapped
2. Tribal Resiliency and Preparedness
3. Tribal Adaptation
4. Relocation
5. Tribal Leader Panel and Discussion Breakout Sessions – Solutions
6. Lessons Learned: Report from the Front: DAPL Protest Report