Abboud – Principle vs. Practice in Open Science Data-Sharing Consortia

Allenby – Emerging Tech and Geopolitical Conflict

Allenby – Technological Context of Cybersecurity

Carvalko and Morris – Emergence of Pharmaco-Electronics

Danks and Roff – How to (Not) Trust an Autonomous Weapons System

Desai – Algorithms and the Law

Eldan – (Artificially) Intelligent Lawyers

Finkel – Disinfecting Cost-Benefit Analysis of Hidden Value-Laden Constraints

Fleurke – Precautionary Regulation of Chemicals

Friedman – Policy and Regulatory Issues for Gene Drives

Garvey – Nowhere Man Please Listen

Gaudet Kiehl – Neuroprediction in Forensic Contexts

Goldstein – Potential New Understandings about EU US Differences

Gusmano – Expanding the Definition of Costs and Benefits

Hadji-Janev – Autonomous Weapon Systems in Context of the International Law of Armed Conflict

Hall – Regulation of Health Data Trackers

Hanrahan – The 21st Century Cures Act

Heled – Comparative Study of Laws on Autonomous Vehicles

Issa – Big Data, IoT and Dr. Watson in the Era of Precision Medicine

Jenks – Human Placebos and the Path to Offensive Autonomous Weapons

Kaebnick – The Role of Formal Decision Making Tools

Kahn – Neuroscience, Sincerity, and the Law

Kennel – Planetary Vital Signs, Planetary Decisions, Planetary Intelligence

Krakovna – AI Risk Why and How

Leins – Regulation of the Use of New Laser Technology in Armed Conflict

Malloy – Management vs. Prevention

Marchant – International Coordination of Human Gene Editing Regulation

Marchant – The Need for Dynamic Governance of Algorithm Based Technologies

Meirom – Civil and Criminal Liability in the Era of Subconsciously Controlled Prosthetics

Nadesan – New Technologies and Catastrophic Risks

Nebeker – Connected and Open Research Ethics

Paddock – Nanotechnology Governance

Poste – Synthetic Biology and Dual-Use Research of Concern

Redick – Genetic Editing and Liability for Trade Disruption

Robertson and Malanga – Governance Rather Than Consent in Big Data

Robinson – Characterizing the Variety of Developments Under the Umbrella of 3D Printing

Saner and Wallach – If We Cannot Stop the Humanization of Robots… Robotization of Humans?

Scherer – Law and AI Policy

Selin – Envisioning Urban Nanotechnologies Through the Futurescape City Tours

Shavit – The Next Wave, Blockchain Technology

Solomon – Safety and Beyond Safety

Stevens – Technological Unemployment Solutions

Sutton – Is Space Law Taking Off

Valdez – Rejecting Revival; Media Content Analysis of De-Extinction

Vita-More – Future of Ageing

Wallach – CBA in the Governance of Synthetic Biology

Weissman – Is It OK to Discriminate Against a Cyborg

Williams – Barriers to Health Care Product Innovation