Background Articles

Araki et al. – Caution reqd for Handling Genome Editing Technology

Baggaley – Restoring crop genes to wild form may make plants more resilient

Baltes & Voytas – Enabling plant synthetic biology through genome engineering

Belfast Telegraph – EU Urged to Relax GM Restrictions

Belhaj et al. – Editing Plant Genomes with CRISPR

Borel – Can New GMO Techniques Make Crops That Are More Natural

Brazeau – Crop breakthrough! No GMOs! Let’s celebrate!–Why advanced farm technology scares us

Breyer et al. – Genetic Modification through Oligonucleotide-mediated Mutagenesis

Bruce et al. – Novel GM animal technologies and their governance

Buhk – Synthetic Biology and its Regulation in the EU

Camacho et al. – Genetically engineered crops that fly under the US Radar

Carter et al. – Synthetic biology and the US Biotechnology Regulatory System

Comai – Genome Elimination; Translating Basic Research

Delwaide – European Consumer’s Attitudes Towards Cisgenic Rice

Devos et al. – EFSA’s scientific activities and achievements on risk assessment

Doudna & Charpentier – The new frontier of genome engineering with CRISPR-Cas9

Eckerstorfer et al. – New Plant Breeding Techniques and Risks

EFSA – Preparing EFSA for the Next Generation of GMOs

EFSA – Risk Assessment Considerations for RNAi-based GM Plants

EPA – RNAi Tech as a Pesticide, Problem Formulation for Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment

Eriksson et al. – Slippery Slope of Cisgenesis

European Commission – Preliminary Opinion on Synthetic Biology II

EU Urged to Relax GM Restrictions

Frock et al. – Genome-wide detection of DNA double-stranded breaks induced by engineered nucleases

Garthwaite – A New Generation of GMOs

Gil-Humanes & Voytas – Wheat Rescued from Fungal Disease

GM Watch – Genome editing GM by another name

Grens – There’s CRISPR in Your Yogurt

Hartung & Schiemann – Precise Plant Breeding Using New Genome Editing Techniques

Heinemann – A comparative evaluation of the regulation GM crops Containing dsRNA

ISIS – Artificial versus Natural Genetic Modification & Perils of GMOs

Jabr – Building Better Fruits and Veggies Without GMOs

Johnson – Tool to edit DNA revolutionizing research in Boston

Jones – Regulatory uncertainty over genome editing

Kanchiswamy – Looking Forward to Genetically Edited Fruit Crops

Kershen – New Plant Breeding Techniques

Kershen – Regulatory Paradigms for Modern Breeding

Knox – Is the Gene-Editing Revolution Finally Here

Koch & Kogel – RNAi-Mediated Gene Silencing and Its Implications for Agriculture

Kuzma & Kokotovich – Renegotiating GM Crop Regulation

Leyser – Moving Beyond the GM Debate

Locwin – When is a ‘Modified Organism’ a GMO

Lundgren & Duan – RNAi-Based Insectical Crops; Potential Effects on Nontarget Species

Lusser & Davies-Comparative Regulatory Approaches for Groups of New Plant Breeding Techniques

Lusser et al. – Deployment of new biotechnoilogies in plant breeding

Lusser et al. – New Plant Breeding Techniques

Morris – EU Biotech Crop Regulations and Environmental Risk

Morris & Spillane – EU GM Crop Regulation

Neal – DARPA’s New Biotech Unit Will Try to Create New Life Forms

Oye et al. – Regulating Gene Drives

Palmgran et al. – Are We Ready for Back-to-Nature Crop Breeding

Pauwels et al. – Engineering nucleases for gene targeting

Philpott – Now Your Food Has Fake DNA in It

Podevin et al. – Transgenic or Not, No Simple Answer!

Pollack – A Powerful New Way to Edit DNA

Pollack – By Editing Plant Genes Companies Avoid Regulation

Powledge – Can We Regulate Gene Editing Without Killing It

Powledge – Scientists urge revamped regulations for genetic engineering

Pray et al. – Patterns of Politica Response to Biofortified Varieties of Crops

Ribarits et al. – Use of Novel Techniques in Plant Breeding and Practical Consequences…

Schnell et al. – A Comparative Analysis of Insertional Effects…

Shu (ed) – Induced Plant Mutations in the Genomics Era

UK BBSRC – New Techniques for Genetic Crop Improvement (Position Statement)

Van Eenennaam & Bruce – Regulatory Issues Associated with Genetically Engineered Farmed Animals (chapter)

Vezina – Marker-assisted Plant Breeding; Agricultural Genetics without GMOs

Voytas & Gao, Precision Genome Engineering and Agriculture

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