Godfrey Enjady

Mr. Enjady is the Founder and General Manager of the Mescalero Apache Telecom, Inc. (MATI) as well as the Mescalero Gas Company which operates today at a profit with markets in Arizona as well as the Mescalero Apache Reservation. Mr. Enjady has over 14 years of Technician/Analyst experience with CONTEL and GTE-Southwest in the installation and repair of residential phone systems, Key and PBAX business systems, data transmission as well as other aspects of Outside Plant, Internet Service Provider and customer relations. Mr Enjady holds numerous certifications from GTE-Technical Schools and the State of New Mexico’s Electrical Bureau.

As a member of the Mescalero Apache Tribe, Mr. Enjady has led the resurgence of utility services, economic and business development by bringing state of the art equipment to the Mescalero Reservation. In 1990 when Mr. Enjady began the first steps of developing the MATI ground work it was determined that only 10 percent of the Mescalero residents had access to basic telephone service which created a barrier to business investing in the community not to mention the catastrophic result of the loss of life incidents. I addition to the communications infrastructure, Mr. Enjady developed the first tribally owned telephone company to deliver broadband service to the entire residential community! In just one year’s time after purchasing the telecommunications facilities, MATI has quadrupled the number of subscribers receiving telephone service.

Today the Mescalero Community is reliant on a 35 mile fiber optic sonnet ring which encompasses the populated regions of the reservation thus allowing both basic and advanced telecommunication and internet services to businesses and residents. This allows residents, businesses and educational facilities to enjoy the same advanced technology that urban communities also enjoy. During the twelve (12) years that MATI has been in operation, Mr. Enjady has paved the way and set industry standards for quality of service to the Mescalero community.

In 2002, the Bureau of Indian Affairs recognized MATI for Quality of Service to Tribal Communities and for industry leadership among tribally owned businesses.

Mr. Enjady was awarded the 2001 New Mexico Businessman of the Year for his organizational skills and vision in leading MATI into the 21st century. He also received on behalf of MATI, the “2003 Tribal Enterprise of the Year” award.  MATI was also recognized in 2006 and 2007 as one of the “Top 500” companies by Entrepreneur Magazine for exceeding annual sales of $1 million and showing positive job growth over a four-year period.

Mr. Enjady was recently appointed as the President of National Tribal Telecom Association (NTTA), and has previously served on the OPASTCO/NTTA Board as the Vice-President.

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