Jay Abbasi

Jay Abbasi began his career with Plain Green in January, 2015 as Operations and Planning Director and was promoted to CEO in January 2016. While working for the Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy’s Reservation, Jay realized in order to help the Tribe change and sustain its infrastructure for generations to come, the company needed to become a disruptor and change the current “service provider” model in the industry. Therefore, Jay led the successful split from service and software provider, Think Finance. By in-sourcing all major business functions at Plain Green, the company was able to optimize revenue, which significantly increased income for the Tribe. Since the split from its previous service provider, Plain Green has been able to focus on economic development for the Tribe. Plain Green also became one of the largest employers on the reservation and helped provide the Tribe with additional resources for all tribal members.

Jay has a diverse economic, financial, and start-up background, from holding management positions at top five banks, being involved in co-founding technology and mortgage companies, to negotiating the delivery of the world’s largest super computer in the 90’s.  Jay is also passionate about helping people in any way he can ­– from employing the most amount of tribal members on the reservation, to inspiring people to become better managers and innovators, to notable, charitable work on and off the reservation.

Jay’s acquired this knack from a young age and took steps to help people in business by attending the University of Arizona and achieving a B.A. in Liberal Arts, which focused on Business Communications, Humanities, and History. Jay furthered his passion of helping people by attending San Francisco State to study Psychology.  As Plain Green expands its infrastructure and increases its workforce, Jay helps ensure the company maintains its unique culture of giving back to the community. One of Jay’s favorite moments at PG was receiving many “thank you” cards from children and adults from the Tribe thanking him and PG for their winter jacket and back-packs and school supplies.

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