The overlapping technologies of big data, legal informatics, predictive analytics, algorithms and artificial intelligence are rapidly transforming the practice, management and study of legal services, launching the field of “legal analytics.”  The Center for Law, Science & Innovation (LSI) at ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law has long been at the forefront of e-discovery and digital evidence, hosting the Annual ASU-Arkfeld eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Conference every March for the past five years. We are now expanding our scope and activities by launching an expanded ASU-Arkfeld Program on eDiscovery, Digital Evidence & Legal Analytics that will continue to hold an annual conference every March, but will also include research, workshops, partnerships, and collaborative projects on legal analytics issues.

The expanded program with launch with a kick-off workshop on legal analytics and big data on Thursday, December 8, 2016 at our brand new law school building in downtown Phoenix.  The full-day workshop will involve approximately 30 invited experts from law firms, legal analytics vendors and consultants, and academia.  The goal will be to help to better define, characterize, and project the future of the field of legal analytics, and to identify priority areas for future research projects, partnerships and collaborations.  The workshop will include a small number of speaker presentations, with the rest of the day being dedicated to off-the-record discussion between our expert participants.

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Questions about the Workshop?
Contact Lauren Burkhart, Director,
Center for Law, Science & Innovation,
at Lauren.Burkhart@asu.edu or 480-965-2465.