Veronica R. Yellowhair

Veronica Yellowhair

Veronica R. Yellowhair was born and raised in Fort Defiance, Arizona. She has worked for the Navajo Housing Authority (NHA) in various positions for 18 years. Currently, Veronica serves as a Housing Specialist for the NHA Fort Defiance Housing Management Office. She works very closely with the residents on a day to day basis. Veronica decided to pursue her dream to acquiring a home of her own; thus, she researched and found the unique Section 184 program to assist in her goal. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has a Section 184 Loan Guarantee program available to eligible Native American families. Veronica went through the process of obtaining a home site lease, getting the environmental and archeological clearances and all other tribal requirements. Subsequently, Veronica was approved by a Section 184 lender to assist in the financing of her home. Thereafter, the construction process began and with the help of Navajo Partnership for Housing (NPH), Veronica and her family are the proud owners of a home situated on Navajo Tribal Trust land, Fort Defiance, Arizona. She is married and proud mother of four (4) beautiful children. Veronica enjoys working with youth programs involving sports activities.

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