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The Center for Law and Global Affairs is the focal point for the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law’s interdisciplinary engagement with international and transnational law. The Center supports innovative research and scholarship, develops courses and experiential learning programs, designs and manages international projects and engages in outreach with academic, policy and community partners. The Center works cooperatively with other schools, centers and programs at Arizona State University and with local, regional and national organizations. As the world becomes increasingly interdependent, state and non-state actors – from corporations to grassroots movements – manage governance and power in new ways. These changes are occurring within a rapidly shifting context defined by multiple challenges including environmental degradation, emerging conflicts, technological innovation, mass migration and shifts in commerce that require innovative approaches toward regulation, legal regimes and social order.


ASIL is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational membership organization founded in 1906 and chartered by Congress in 1950. ASIL holds Category II Consultative Status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and is a constituent society of the American Council of Learned Societies. The Society is headquartered at Tillar House in Washington, DC, and is governed by an Executive Council, as provided in its Constitution and Regulations. The mission of the American Society of International Law (ASIL) is to foster the study of international law and to promote the establishment and maintenance of international relations on the basis of law and justice. The Society’s nearly 4,000 members from more than 100 nations include attorneys, academics, corporate counsel, judges, representatives of governments and non-governmental organizations, international civil servants, students, and others interested in international law. Through its events, publications, information resources, research initiatives, and educational programs, ASIL advances international law scholarship and education for international law professionals as well as for broader policymaking audiences and the public. An overview of current programs and achievements can be found in the Society’s most recent Annual Report.

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