9:00-9:05        Welcome and Objectives / Gary Marchant, ASU

9:05 – 9:45      Pricing of Therapeutics: A Complex Multidimensional Matrix / George Poste, ASU

9:45 – 10:10    Prescription Medicines: Costs in Context / Jenny Bryant, PhRMA

10:10- 10:30    Discussion

10:30-10:45     Coffee Break

10:45-12:15     Panel: Is Drug Pricing A Problem?

                Moderator: Yvonne Stevens, ASU

Dean Baker, Center for Economic and Policy Research

Philip Schneider, University of Arizona

Topher Spiro, Center for American Progress

Rafael Fonseca, Mayo Clinic

12:15-12:30     Pick up Box Lunches

12:30-2:00       Panel: Off-Label Marketing, First Amendment, and Policy

Moderator: Jim Weinstein, ASU

David Feigal, NDA Partners

Robert Post, Yale Law School

Martin Redish, Northwestern Law School

Alta Charo, Wisconsin Law School

Amy Kapczynski, Yale Law School

Christina Sandefur, Goldwater Institute

2:00-3:15         Concluding Roundtable: Drug Pricing – What Can and Should Be Done?

Moderator: Mara Aspinall, ASU

Amy Kapczynski, Yale Law School

Alan Venook, UCSF

Marcia Horn, International Cancer Advocacy Network

David Hyman, University of Illinois College of Law

Denis Cortese, ASU

3:15-3:30         Wrap up and Conclusion


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