Conference Agenda

May 8, 2015

8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.:  Check-in and Breakfast at College of Law

8:30 a.m.:  Introductions and Welcome (Great Hall)


9:00 a.m. – 10:20 a.m.:  Concurrent Sessions

Panel: “Land Use, Zoning, and Climate Change”
(Rm. 105)

–Michael Allan Wolf, University of Florida / The War on Climate Change: Legal Barriers to Stocking the Local and State Land Use Regulatory Arsenal

–Hannah Wiseman, Florida State University / Oil and Gas Intrastate Preemption and Governance Alternatives

–John R. Nolon, Pace University / Land Use Climate Change Bubbles

–Federico Cheever, University of Denver / The Evolving Mosaic of Public and Private Land Protection

Panel: “Sustainable Development in the Developed World”
(Rm. 114)

–Karen Bradshaw-Schulz, Arizona State University / Agency Outsourcing: Entrusting Public Mandates to Private Actors

–Bruce Huber, University of Notre Dame / Sustainability & Nuclear Waste

–John Nagle, University of Notre Dame / Sustainable Development of the Poorest Cities in the United States

–Sophie Smyth, Temple University / Legal Challenges in Financing Collective Action to Arrest Climate Change

Freestanding Presentations: Sustainability and Water Policy
(Rm. 115)

–Vanessa Casado-Perez, Stanford University / So Long Return Flow

–Edward P. Richards, Louisiana State University / Rethinking Sustainability in the Context of Natural Cycles: The Example of River Deltas

Jesse J. Richardson, West Virginia University / Water, Agriculture and Sustainability

–Sharmila Murthy, Suffolk University / The U.N. Watercourse Convention in Force


10:30 a.m. – 11:50 a.m.: Concurrent Sessions

Freestanding Presentations: Morality and Sustainability Policy
(Rm. 105)

–Edward L. Rubin, Vanderbilt University / Sustainability and the New Morality

–Melissa Scanlan, Vermont Law School / Law and the New Economy Movement

–Lucia Silecchia, The Catholic University of America / Environmental Ethics from a Religious Perspective: Pope Francis and the Challenge of Sustainability

Panel: “Valuing Water”
(Rm. 114)

–Gabriel Eckstein, Texas A&M University / Implications for Nations of the Commodification of Water

–Amy Hardberger, St. Mary’s University / Water Markets and the Valuation Conundrum

–Rhett Larson, Arizona State University / Making the Human Right to Water Work

–Rebecca Tsosie, Arizona State University / The Cultural Value of Water to American Indian Nations

Panel: “Repairing the Broken Sustainable Energy Law Tools”
(Rm. 115)

–Lincoln Davies, University of Utah / Sustainable Energy Feed-in Tariffs in Turmoil

–K.K. DuVivier, University of Denver / Good Neighbors

–Steven Ferrey, Suffolk University / Sustainable State Energy Initiatives and Court Limits

–Steven Weissman, University of California-Berkeley / Solar Sustainable Energy Challenges

12:00 p.m. – 12:50 p.m.:  Lunch and Keynote Address

Introduction: Dan Bodansky, Faculty Co-Director, Center for Law and Global Affairs
Affilate Professor, Program on Law and Sustainability

Keynote Speaker: Daniel Esty, Yale Law School

“From 20th Century Environmental Protection to 21st Century Sustainability”


1:00 p.m. – 2:20 p.m.: Concurrent Sessions

Panel: “Charting a Sustainable Future: Hawaii as a Paradigm”
(Rm. 105)

–Todd Aagaard, Villanova University / Rethinking the Energy-Environment Divide

–Shalanda H. Baker, University of Hawai‘i / Postcard from the Future: The Energy Transition in Hawai‘i

–Andrea Freeman, University of Hawai‘i / Public School Lunchrooms in Hawai’i: The Clash Between Federal Food Policy and Health Objectives

–D. Kapua Sproat, University of Hawai‘i / Native Hawaiians and the Indigenous Right to Environmental Self Determination

Panel: “International Environmental Law, Sustainable Development, and the North-South Divide”
(Rm. 114)

–Sumudu Atapattu, University of Wisconsin / The Significance of International Environmental Law Principles in Reinforcing or Dismantling the North-South Divide

–Carmen G. Gonzalez, Seattle University / Food Justice: An Environmental Justice Critique of the Global Food System

–Elizabeth Kronk-Warner, University of Kansas / Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples

–Sara Seck, Western University – Ontario / Transnational Corporations and Extractive Industries

Freestanding Presentations: Energy Law and Sustainability
(Rm. 115)

–James Coleman, University of Calgary / How Cheap is Corporate Talk? Predicting the Impact of Environmental Regulations

–Tracey M. Roberts, University of California-Hastings / Picking Winners and Losers: Examining Subsidies to the Energy Industry

–Joanna Sax, California Western School of Law / Precautionary Principle, Value of Statistical Life, and Fracking

–Fenner Stewart, University of Calgary / Fracking Earthquakes: Induced Seismicity and the Potential Liability

Freestanding Presentations: Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience
(Rm. 118)

–Lee P. Breckenridge, Northeastern University / Resilient Cities and the Challenges of Urban Water Management

–Cinnamon Carlarne, Ohio State University / Disastrous Adaptation

–Barbara Cosens, University of Idaho / Assessing Law, Resilience and Governance in Basin Scale Water Systems Facing Changing Climate: The Adaptive Water Governance Project

–Lisa Grow Sun, Brigham Young University / The Resilience Paradox


2:30 p.m. – 3:50 p.m.: Concurrent Sessions

Panel: “Sustainability in the Age of Climate Change”
(Rm. 105)

–Sarah A. Krakoff, University of Colorado / Sustainability and Justice

–Katrina Kuh, Hofstra University / Agnostic Adaptation

–Melissa Powers, Lewis & Clark College / Making Sustainability Count: Is It Time to Add Teeth to Local and State Climate Mitigation Efforts?

Panel: “Can Sustainability Cope with the Constant Change of Climate Weirding?”
(Rm. 114)

–Melinda Harm Benson, University of New Mexico / Sustain What? Regime Change in Northern New Mexico Watersheds

–Robin Kundis Craig, University of Utah / Learning to Live with the Trickster: Resilience Thinking, Climate Change, and Environmental and Natural Resources Law

–John Dernbach, Widener University / Sustainable Development: Now More Than Ever

–Dan Tarlock, Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law / Do the Sustainability and Resilience Paradigms Really Help Us To Do a Better Job Allocating Water?

Panel: “The Ev[rev]olution of the Electricity Sector in Response to Environmental Sustainability Concerns
(Rm. 115)

–Donna M. Attanasio, George Washington University / Changing Utility Business and Regulatory Models To Support An Environmentally and Financially Sustainable Electric System

–Emily Hammond, George Washington University / The Regulatory Contract in the Marketplace

–Alexandra Klass, University of Minnesota / The Electric Grid at a Crossroads: A Regional Approach to Siting Transmission Lines

–LeRoy Paddock, George Washington University / Reaching the Tipping Point


4:00 p.m. – 5:20 p.m.: Concurrent Sessions

Freestanding Presentations: Sustainability and Land Use
(Rm. 105)

–Jacqueline P. Hand, University of Detroit / Urban Agriculture: A Mechanism for Sustainability in Detroit and Other Struggling Cities

–Justin Steil, New York University / Sustainable or Inclusive? The Tension Between HUD’s Fair Housing and Sustainable Communities Programs

–Alan Weinstein, Cleveland State University / Reporting on Sustainability Research and Implementation in Urban Planning

–Kellen Zale, University of Houston / Is the Sharing Economy a Sustainable Economy? 

Freestanding Presentations: Sustainability Policy and Natural Resources
(Rm. 114)

–Hillary M. Hoffmann, Vermont Law School / Sustainable Public Land Management, Climate Change, and Livestock Grazing Over the Next 50 Years

–Jessica Owley, State University of New York-Buffalo / Keeping Track of Conservation

–Kishanthi Parella, Washington and Lee University / Resolving Stakeholder Conflicts Over Natural Resources

–Anastasia Telesetsky, University of Idaho / Wild Fisheries for the Future- Should We Expand Catch Share Fisheries? 

Panel: “City as a Classroom: Teaching Sustainability by Engaging the Community”
(Rm. 115)

–Howard Katz, Elon University / Acting Locally But Not Thinking Narrowly: Opportunities, Limits, Framing, and Scale

–Jonathan Rosenbloom, Drake University / What Baking Cookies Tells Us About Teaching Sustainability

–Shelley Saxer, Pepperdine University / Is There a Need for a Course on Sustainability?

5:30 p.m. – 5:50 p.m.:  Conference Wrap-Up and Announcement of Morrison Prize

6 p.m. – 7 p.m.:  Reception in Law School Rotunda

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