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The Center for Law and Global Affairs

The Center for Law and Global Affairs is the focal point for interdisciplinary engagement with international and transnational law at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. The Center supports innovative research and scholarship, develops courses and experiential learning programs, designs and manages international projects and engages in outreach with academic, policy and community partners.
The Center engages and explores legal and policy issues through its core objectives:

  • Enabling and producing innovative scholarship on evolving forms of international law that extend beyond treaties and other formal mechanisms to include private and public regulatory frameworks, civil society initiatives, corporate action and social networks
  • Creating and implementing projects and policy initiatives that link evolving theories on global law, field-based research and practical applications with a focus on human rights, national security, global governance, human trafficking and rule of law reform
  • Teaching and training through coursework, advising, research and experiential learning to help students and professionals gain skills and creative vision to work more effectively in an integrated and rapidly changing world

 Contact information:

Andrew Jaynes
Mobile: 480.734.7492

Emoline Fox
Mobile: 814.937.4486


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