Reimbursement for out-of-town guests

The Center for Law and Global Affairs will be able to cover the following expenses in connection with the meeting:

  1. Up to two nights at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel. We will pay for your hotel room directly.
  2. Your local transportation in Tempe. The Tempe Mission Palms provides a free shuttle to and from the airport that leaves every ½ hour from 5:30 am-10:30 pm daily. Courtesy phones are located in the baggage claim area. There are also taxis available at the airport and Uber services in the Phoenix area, to take you to the hotel. It’s approximately a 15 minute drive.
  3. Your meal expenses up to $40 as outlined below.

Please save your itemized receipts and we will reimburse you the cost for your miscellaneous expenses. When you check-in to your hotel, you will find an expense reimbursement form and an addressed envelope to return your receipts and form to. Please include your name, mailing address and signature on the form and mail with original receipts to:

Emoline Fox
Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law
P.O. Box 877906
Tempe, AZ 85287
United States of America

Please save all of your receipts for your travel and meal expenses, for submission after the meeting.


We have organized a group dinner the night of the Friday April 24. We will provide breakfast and lunch during the workshop on Saturday April 25 and host another group dinner that evening for those who are staying over Saturday night. You are responsible for any incidental costs. We will reimburse you up to USD$40 for additional meals during your travel.

Reimbursement Form:

Reimbursement Form

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