Chapters for Discussion

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Chapters Lead Discussant 
Chapter 1 – Why an Ethical Approach to International Law? Optional reading
Chapter 2 – Ethics and International Law: Integrating the Global Justice Project(s) Optional reading
Chapter 3 – The International Legal Order: A Scheme of General and Special Duties Optional reading
Chapter 4 – The Contours of International Law’s Thin Justice Allen Buchanan
Chapter 5 – The Justice of Statehood Norms: The Ban on the Use of Force and Non-Intervention Dino Kritsiotis
Chapter 5a – Statehood Norms and the Claims of Peoples: Self-Determination Kristen Hessler
Chapter 6 – The Justice of Statehood Norms: Participation and the Starting Point of Sovereign Equality Benedict Kingsbury
Chapter 7 – International Organizations and the Problem of Inequality Chantal Thomas
Chapter 8 – Human Dignity at Home and Abroad: Territorial Limits to the Protection of Human Rights David Lefkowitz
Chapter 9 – The Justice of International Economic Law Gregory Shaffer


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